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There is no doubt that there is a massive demand for new care homes – and new owners to add vitality and a new dimension to those already open. Ninety per cent of beds are taken up by people aged 75 or over, and this population in England will grow by 1 million over the next 5 years, and according to Alzheimer’s UK there will be another 100,000 people living with dementia who will need a care home bed by 2029.

However, the current supply levels of care home beds across the country are so varied it is not just a case of “find a location and build or buy it.” In some areas it will be a case of jus adding to an already over supplied area with only low occupancy levels and a struggle to recruit enough staff will be the only things to look forward to.

CSI have created MIDAS, borne out of a local market application that we used to supply care providers with valuable local market data since 2014. Delivered to your Inbox by the next working day, at a greatly reduced price to competitor reports, MIDAS will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not to progress with a particular opportunity.

In a 24 page report consisting charts, tables and maps - we will make it easy for you to analyse:

  • Local supply and demand levels
  • Capacity for extra care homes within the area both currently and in 5 years time
  • Population forecasts through until 2024 for both potential residents and workforce,
  • Local household demographics – identifying local ownership levels within 65 plus households (prime self-funders)
  • Local care quality levels (CQC Inspections)
  • An overview of activities within the local authority.
  • Excel spreadsheet carrying full competitor and demographic data included within the report

Armed with this information, you can then decide to walk away if the picture is not good, saving yourself time and further unnecessary expense. However if there does look like there is an opportunity to move forward - you will be ahead of the game and competitive bidders.

All the data is based upon up to date and robust information provided from the CQC, ONS population and demographic data, and is independent and objective – not coloured by a vendor’s objective of making their client's proposition look better than it may be.

If you would like to see an illustrative report, please contact us now we can also discuss costs and supply details.

More applications for MIDAS

Planning Applications

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The ability to prove a current and/or future need for extra care home beds within in local area will carry great weight at planning application stage and overcome other "cosmetic" objections.

CSI has already helped win an appeal for a care home, the appeal judge saying it was key to the final decision.

Lending or Investing

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CSI MIDAS will quickly give you an independent and objective report to support or otherwise your decision to lend or invest, or as to the level of the financial involvement.

You could make the provision of MIDAS data as a pre-requisite to an application, or proposal from a prospective purchaser.

Purchasing Care Home Portfolios

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If you need an objective and quick appraisal of a number of care homes within a portfolio, CSI MIDAS will be able to provide you the data you need so you can decide whether to progress on all, some or none of what is available to buy.
We have already provided our market information for portfolios of over 50 locations.

Care Home to Sell?

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MIDAS will provide you with all the market support data you need to complement your financial data when setting up to sell your properties. In addition to the Critical Observations and the Supplementary Critical Reports, we can also provide supplementary information, such as existing planning applications within your area.

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