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There is no doubt that there is a massive demand for new care home beds – both currently and even more-so in the future. There is also a requirement for new owners to add vitality and a new dimension to those already operational.

However local supply of care home beds across the country is so varied it is not just a case of “if you build it they will come.” In some areas it will be a case of adding to an already over supplied area and low occupancy levels and a struggle to recruit enough staff will be the only things to look forward to.

But you may well have found yourself a gold mine. Such is the local supply situation in England.

To help with this CSI have created MIDAS, a local market intelligence business model that we have been supplying to care providers since 2014. Whether buying, building, lending, or investing MIDAS will give you all the information you need to decide whether or not to progress with a particular opportunity, and if so how much it is really worth.

And if you are selling, MIDAS could support your sales proposition by proving a level of continued and increasing demand that will ensure sensible occupancy levels and maximise your market value.

Each report starts for any postcode in England and an agreed working radius.

The original model that we have called CLASSIC that includes:
  • A detailed Executive Summary
  • Population profiles and forecasts for 2029 and 2034 for both resident and workforce age groups
  • Local supply and demand levels by care type – nursing, residential with or without a dementia specialism
  • Capacity for extra care home beds (if any) within the area both currently and in 5 and 10 years-time
  • Full details of competitor care homes within the area
  • Local care quality levels (CQC Inspections)
  • Local household demographics – identifying local ownership levels within 65 plus households (prime self-funders)
MIDAS is available for just £1,000 per location.


Whilst many believe that the quality of care you receive where you live, "A Postcode Lottery" to coin a phrase. Many of you may play The Postcode Lottery, and a few of you might have one a tidy some. So why is this relevant?

To be able to provide a sample MIDAS report CSI has chosen some random postcodes that have provided those living in the area with a nice windfall.

If you a considering a postcode in which to invest, let MIDAS assure you if it's a Gold Mine, and take out the "lottery" To request a sample report or for more information please email us now or call 01903 25 65 19

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