Over those 15 years CSI accumulated an immense amount of valuable data that we have been able to provide to many care providers, care associations and local authorities.

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Our Market Intelligence Designated Area Study (MIDAS) works from any postcode and trading area to provide detailed analysis of the local marketplace to help providers make a considered decision on whether to run their business – a new care home or homecare location.

The report is provided within a couple of days so that decisions can be made quickly, so no opportunities are missed or too much time and effort is wasted if the location is not right.

MIDAS is also the most cost-effective report of its kind in the sector.

Find out more on the MIDAS page


Our knowledge base also allows us to provide our clients with tailor-made market reports covering a wide range of subjects, such as where and how to expand a business, whether there are benefits to be enjoyed from changing the care sector of existing locations and is ideal reports for new players in the sector.

We can provide personalized reports for most if not all of the social care sector Case Studies of the type of work we have undertaken to date can be found on the Private Investigations page


CSI has also provided many free reports and insights into the care sector and some of these can be seen here.

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