We expect everything we buy online to arrive quickly. You can now expect exactly that from CSI with MIDAS.

From any location in England and with your specified miles radius, we can provide you with all the information you will need to know as to whether or not to proceed with that care home purchase, build, loan or investment.

And with MIDAS CONTROL 2020 you can compare the location with one you already know (CONTROL) which is a great way to measure potential and risks, and the report will have all the latest data from 2020.

Why waste all your valuable time and pay more money when you can quickly dispense with the no-hoper, and get at the front of the queue for the no-brainer deal.

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The Definitive Care Home Market Handbooks

Having exposed the fact that local care home provision across the country has been in a very sorry state for a number of years, CSI Market Intelligence has published a series of regional e:reports that show all the relevant market information for each local authority.

The reports are real page turners. Every local authority, listed alphabetically in their own region, have their own stories – in fact the reports are more like a compilation of short stories.

To find out what is occurring in your area, and what is forecast to happen over the next 5 and 10 years it is easy, just buy the report. A petty cash purchase for a strong strategic tool.

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Our 5th Annual Report into the Care Homes for Older People will once again tell a story to the previous years - that of closures well outnumbering openings resulting in an overall loss of beds.

As in previous years we find that areas that already have too many beds now have even more - and those with shortages suffer from further bed losses creating a totally out-of-focus supply and demand picture across the country.

In addition to where everything has happened ww try and understand what forced a home to close? Poor care quality? Commercial pressures?

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