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CSI Marketing Intelligence has provided market intelligence to organisations in all social care sectors for a number of years.

Our services include tailor made consultancy to measure market opportunities, i.e. i a location worth investing in.

We have been commissioned by clients many times to identify locations worth investment in the care home and domiciliary care sectors.

In addition to our consultancy services in 2014 we created a local market intelligence model we now call MIDAS that can measure the shape of a local marketplace anywhere in England.


MIDAS is a market intelligence business model we created in-house that can measure the local market for a care home or home care location around any postcode in England and has provided many of our clients with crucial data to help them make important strategic decisions with regard to new locations or improving the performance of an existing one.

MIDAS provides an in-depth local breakdown of current and future populations, current competitor breakdown, future care demand and demographics in chart, table, and map formats.

In the Autumn of 2020 MIDAS gained a baby brother called Snapshot which quickly and very inexpensively provides enough evidence as to whether or not a location is worth progressing.

For more information please go to our MIDAS page.

Because CSI Marketing Intelligence has such an in-depth insight into the social care sector in England, we assist clients who look to us for purchasing opportunities, both on and off market.

Mike Short, director of CSI Market Intelligence has published many reports and editorials on the social care sector, including seven free annual reports entitled “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” that analyses the openings and closures during the years from 2015 to 2021. The 2021 report can be accessed from the link below.

SHWG 2021 Report Image

And we have just published a free 2021 Market Report into Domiciliary Care in England

The CSI acronym originally stood for Care Sector Innovations but was inspired by the Crime Scene Investigations TV series. Many of our reports and editorials are in fact investigations into the sector. Some of these can be found on this website, and all new “investigations” will be included there, so please sign up if you want updates.

CSI Market Intelligence is proud of the services we provide – the robust market data, and our ability to provide relevant information in a clear and concise way, providing a quick turnaround and offering great value for money.

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