Intelligent Marketing
for Care Providers

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The strategy for advertising and marketing a care location should be no different to any other industry, understanding your local market is key before you (or your agency) plan or spend anything.

Before we do anything, we will interrogate MIDAS and get a full analysis of what you are up against within your local area. The competition, the target customer and where they live, and the opportunities available to you locally to get your message across to them.

Why do we do this? Because the supply and demand situation for care home beds and homecare varies greatly across the country – many locals areas have too much supply and other too little. There maybe too much or too little nursing beds, or residential beds.

The marketing strategy will depend on what our local research tells us.

We will identify why you are not currently meeting your targets with regard to occupancy levels or customer numbers.

Is it that there are not enough people who know about you or come and see what you have to offer?

Or are you getting enough enquiries but losing them along the way?

Where are you getting your existing paying customers from? Professional connections? Word of mouth? Any promotional work you are currently involved with? Only when we can answer all these questions can we propose anything to you.

Who knows – it may well be that after this analysis it works out there are other ways of improving your occupancy levels or customer base without spending anything on advertising?

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Intelligent Marketing
for Agencies

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Having been through the process of marketing for clients we understand that you need to know what their business is all about before one can objectively make proposals on how much they spend and where.

The care sector is distinct inasmuch as the local situation for each provider is so different. As the market is built by independent providers each will have located their business where they believe best for them.

And in doing so they have created a situation where there are massive variations on supply levels and local demographics.

For example, on average there are around 85 care home beds for every thousand population aged 75 and over (who take up 90% of all beds).

But on a local basis this can vary from as low as 25 and up to 160 beds per thousand.

And within this the variance between the number of nursing, residential and dementia beds is also massive.

Because of this one needs to assess the particular local situation before one can propose a marketing strategy.

And with an industry currently so reliable on self-funders to compensate for low contributions from local authorities, so where these people are located is also key to the marketing.

We have this information and can provide it to you as an agency to give you a USP over your competitors, and to also get the best results possible for your clients, to ensure on-going business with them and other companies.

The information can be provided the same or next working day and so will not slow down the process.

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